Domestika Reviews: Pricing, Pros & Cons

In this review, we’ll look into everything relating to Domestika the online learning platform, from its pricing to its key features and how it holds its ground against its competitors.

Domestika reviews courses

In this review, we’ll look into everything relating to Domestika the online learning platform, from its pricing to its key features and how it holds its ground against its competitors.

Domestika courses carousel

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So, for starters, What is Domestika? 💬

Domestika Logo
Domestika Logo

Domestika originated from an online forum made by artists where they would share their art and connect with other artists.

It’s fair to say that Domestika has been flying under the radar for quite a while now. One of the main reasons for that is because its courses used to be primarily in Spanish. Hence, it dedicated most of its marketing efforts to that market.

However, that is no longer the case. With subtitles and/or voiceovers in English, Dutch, Portuguese, German, Polish, Italian, and French, and courses now being made in English as well, it has become one of the best platforms to learn with. Additionally, courses are made in-house, so all courses have the same high standard of quality.

The most important thing is, that it offers the best pricing out there. Domestika has the most affordable subscription plan in the market! (More about pricing later)

It offers online courses in photography, graphic design, illustration, software, and crafts, just to name a few. 

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What can you learn with Domestika? 🔍 

Each of Domestika’s lessons is carefully produced in-house by professionals. Additionally, tts focus on a single niche has produced a well-curated collection of art and creative content. For example, you can learn to sketch while communicating your thoughts withSketchnoting: Communicate with Visual Notes. 

Domestika also adds new courses every day to its lineup.

Here are 12 categories for Domestika’s online courses with some examples of the individual courses under each:

  • Illustration
    • Digital Illustration using Adobe Illustrator or Procreate
  • Craft
    • Puppet making, Crocheting, Miniatures
  • Marketing and Business
    • Content Creation, Google, and Facebook ads, Brand Strategy
  • Photography and Video
    • Adobe Photoshop, Filmmaking, Professional Makeup Techniques
  • Design
    • Furniture Design and Construction, Graphic Design, Cookie Decoration
  • 3D & Animation
    • After Effects, Blender, Procreate

Music & Audio

  • Music Production, Podcast Creation, Voice-overs for Animation

Architecture & Spaces

  • Sketchup, Interior Design, Autocad


  • Copywriting, Novel Writing, Script Writing


  • Fashion Design, Jewelry Making, Pattern Making

Web & App Design

  • Figma, Web Development, Coding

Calligraphy & Typography

  • Hand Lettering, Logo Designing, Typographic Branding

Domestika’s Features 🔐

We’ve now established that Domestika’s unwavering focus on creative courses is beneficial for both creative professionals and those who are looking to get in touch with their creative side. Whether you’re a working professional looking to refresh or further your Photoshop skills or a casual baker wanting to give cake decorating a try, there’s a little bit of something for you.

Here are other features of Domestika that separate it from other online learning platforms:

Domestika's Community
Domestika’s Community

1) Carefully Curated Roster of Teachers

Unlike other platforms, Domestika has a strict hiring process if you want to teach a course. You will be asked to submit a detailed description of your qualifications and prove your expertise in the field. An in-house team will then work with you to create content. This process ensures that all courses are of the highest quality and only taught by the best.

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Instructors and Teachers in Domestika
Instructors and Teachers in Domestika

2) Domestika Community – Engaging with Teachers and Other Students

Domestika fosters a community that encourages its users and teachers alike to engage with one another. 

  • Interaction with teachers and other schools

You can follow teachers from all over the world to see their portfolios, and their social media accounts or even hire them for work if they are open to job opportunities.

In the school section, you’ll find a list of schools per country and connect with students who are also taking courses on Domestika. You can view their projects from the courses they took, leave a comment and follow them. Each user has a profile so you can also share your projects with others.

Projects in Domestika
Projects in Domestika
  • Forum per Course

That’s right. It isn’t just a forum for a category, it’s a forum per course where you can ask questions or feedback from teachers and students about your learning experience. You can upload videos, pictures, or files to better explain your concerns.

With this feature, you can network yourself and your work with other users and open up paths for career opportunities.

3) Domestika’s Blogs – Free Tips and Tutorials

Another part of the community feature of Domestika is the blog section of their platform. This provides additional resources for free. Some examples of the posts include step-by-step tutorials, recommended websites for a certain category, recommended artists to follow for inspiration, and even free tools like brush sets for use in Procreate. The blog isn’t just informative but it also provides fun and inspiring content for its learners. 

Domestika Blog Page
Domestika Blog Page

4) Domestika Live – Free Videos

Domestika hosts live videos of tutorials and how-tos, all for free! You only need to check which videos are available in your preferred language since it’s mostly available in Spanish, Portuguese, and English. You can access this on the website if you hover over the three dots on the upper left part of the screen.

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Domestika Live Videos
Domestika Live Videos

5) Domestika App for On-the-go Learning

Domestika is available for both iOS and Android devices. Most of the features are the same as the web features including downloadable resources, marking units as completed, purchase of courses, and access to certificates upon course completion.

Domestika App for iOS and Android devices.
Domestika App for iOS and Android devices.

A feature exclusive to the app is its ability to search courses by language. Likewise, the app has its limits. Currently, building a portfolio can only be done through the website, as well as buying course packs. But do watch out for updates as Domestika continues to improve its user interface for the app version.

Domestika’s Plans and Pricing 💰

Domestika offers 3 pricing options for individuals:

  1. Individual Courses
  2. Course Bundles
  3. Domestika Plus/Domestika Pro

PS: business & teams pricing is on the following section

Single Courses 👤

The single course option allows users to choose one course from thousands of Domestika classes.

  • It has lifetime access to high-quality courses
  • You can work and follow the course at your own pace
  • Lessons can be downloaded offline
  • Most courses are completed with a final project to put into practice what has been taught in the course

Price: Anywhere from $9.99 to $59.99 with frequent discounts available. 

Who is it for?

  • For those who want to strengthen or refresh a particular skill
  • For those who want to dip their toes into a new skill

View more courses here.

Course Bundles 📦

Domestika allows you to choose courses as a bundle for a discounted price. When you try to purchase a single course, Domestika recommends a bundle with other related courses you might be interested in. There are two types of course bundles: the set bundle which has pre-selected courses and the customizable bundle where you can select the courses that are on the available list. 

Course Bundle Page
Course Bundle Page

It has all the same benefits as the individual course including unlimited access and final projects.

Price: Anywhere from $15 to $145

Who is it for?

  • Anyone who is looking to expand their knowledge of a particular skill
  • Those who are interested in continuous learning

Domestika Plus

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Domestika Plus Home Page
Home Page

Formerly known as Domestika Pro, Domestika Plus is a subscription service that gives you access to different collections of courses throughout the year. This subscription is great if you’d like to specialize in a specific topic, or if you like learning more about your craft or art in the down low.

Price: Available in Yearly or Monthly subscription.

  •  Yearly, it’s $83.88 annually ($6.99 a month, Saving around 30%)
  •  For a monthly subscription, it’s $9.99 a month (totaling $119.88 a year)

Benefits of Domestika Plus:

  • 1 monthly credit that you can exchange for any course of your liking.
  • Access to live events
  • You can buy more credits both on the website and app to enroll in more courses
  • Access to open courses which you can watch for 30 days. These are courses chosen from different categories with new courses available every week. 
  • Certificate of attendance which you can download as a PDF for your use. 

Domestika for Business 📊

Domestika also has pricing offers and solutions for businesses, organizations or schools, and universities. Like its options for individuals, Domestika for business also has its perks.

Domestika for Business
Domestika for Business

Key Features For business us:

  • Assignment of Logins – Depending on your plan, you can assign each login to whomever you choose.
  • Course Certificates – Issued as a certificate of attendance for each course completion
  • Special Offers
  • Personalized service from Domestika – Domestika will assist you in providing the best experience for members of your company, school, or community.


  • 10 Log-ins: $299
    • Dashboard
    • Login management
    • Student tracking
    • Certificates included
  • 20 Log-ins: $599
    • Same benefits as 10 Logins
  • 50 Log-ins: $1,499
    • Same benefits as 10 and 20 logins with the addition of Personalized Service
  • Over 50 Log-ins:
    • Price to be discussed upon contact with Domestika
    • Same benefits as 50 logins with the addition of Offers and Discounts

Unlike other online learning platforms, Domestika also offers discounted rates for their team packages, going as low as a 63% discount, it is worth considering waiting until these deals come into action so you get the best deal possible. 

Domestika has new courses every day. Let’s look at 4 popular courses on Domestika.

Popular Courses in Domestika
Popular Courses in Domestika
1) Introduction to Adobe Photoshop by Carles Marsal
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Adobe Photoshop Logo

Adobe Photoshop is not only a useful tool for those in the creative field. It’s a widely popular tool for image processing. In this course, you’ll learn the software’s interface and the tools. Carles will teach you about masks, adjustment layers, and brushes. You’ll then get a taste of reconstructing and retouching images, creating a photomontage, and light and shadow techniques.

2) Modern Watercolor Techniques by Ana Victoria Calderon

Together with Ana Victoria, who over the last ten years has mastered several techniques to work with watercolor, explore the many possibilities of this versatile medium. You’ll study the basics and work with the natural course of watercolor. Ana Victoria has worked with well-known international brands like Ray-ban and Papyrus, so you’ll surely have fun learning with her. 

  1. Professional Photography for Instagram by Mina Barrio

Whether it’s for branding or you just want to improve your feed, Mina Barrio teaches you the tips and tricks of the trade to curate your feed using your smartphone. You’ll learn how to edit like a pro and discover the creative and technical aspects of photography.

  1. Introduction to After Effects by Carlos “Zenzuke” Albarrán

If you find GIFs fun, this course will teach you the basics of creating one using After Effects. This is a 5-part course that teaches the basics of the software. Aside from familiarizing yourself with the interface, you’ll learn about masks and layers and vital tools for 2D animation. Zenuke will also help you work with cameras and lights as well as demonstrate advanced motion graphic techniques. 

See more Popular Courses here.

How Does Domestika Compare to Other Online Learning Platforms? 🔍



  • 7-day free trial for their Personal Plan Membership
  • Diversity of course topics 
  • Tons of free courses are available
  • Courses are available in multiple languages
  • 100k courses


  • Less interactive
  • Not all courses offer certificates
  • Domestika’s rigorous vetting process ensures a high level of quality in their instructors, but Udemy doesn’t have vetting, and content isn’t produced in house. Instructors on these platforms are often responsible for their own production, which can lead to a hit-or-miss learning experience.
  • Tough refund policy
Udemy Logo

Udemy Pro – Designed for students looking to get certified in IT ($19.99/month), which currently is not available for sign-up.

Udemy Personal Plan – Monthly or annual subscription that gives access to thousands of courses. $29.99 as a monthly subscription, $199 per year ($16.58/ month), as an annual membership (Save $160).

Unlike Udemy where anyone can apply to create courses, Domestika requires qualifications and experience from interested tutors and teachers. These teachers are then teamed up with their in-house staff to create content. Because of this, Domestika guarantees high-quality and professional content for its learners.



  • 1-month free trial
  • Most, if not all, courses are in English w/ subtitles
  • Skillshare Originals – Courses produced in-house


  • No certificates
  • No free courses (they have been discontinued)
  • You lose access to completed courses once you end your subscription
  • Has only one subscription plan/ payment alternative
Skillshare Logo
Skillshare Logo

Subscription Plans and Cost:

Skillshare Premium – Annual membership fee of $168 or monthly membership fee of $32/month

Skillshare is the platform that is, in concept, most similar to Domestika, regardless, they are still very different. Most courses in skillshare are made by independent instructors (although they have introduced Skillshare originals), whereas all of Domestika’s courses are made in house. Also, Domestika is more affordable its montly susbcription is 1/3 of Skillshare’s cost. And, last but not least, Domestika offers individual courses which you can access these anytime with no expiration after purchasing it.



  • Top-notch instructors from respected institutions
  • Allows purchase of individual courses
  • Accredited certificates
  • Offers Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees
  • Has free courses


  • Membership (Coursera plus) is very expensive
  • Confusing pricing guides
  • Have to pay in order to get certificates from free courses.
  • Forums within each course are not taken seriously
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Coursera Logo
Coursera Logo

Subscription Plans and Cost:

  • Single Learning Program – $49 – $79 a month
  • Coursera Plus -$399 annually or $59/month

Coursera boasts impressive features and has a lot of benefits over Domestika. However, Domestika wins in the pricing department because of its more affordable courses but if you’re after earning a degree or looking for accredited certification, then Coursera is better than Domestika.

Read an in-depth review of Coursera here

LinkedIn Learning


  • Certifications are automatically included in your Linkedin profile upon course completion
  • Short classes broken into segments for easier understanding
  • Montly/ Yearly subscription includes access to LinkedIn Premium


  • Less interactive
  • Relatively extensive membership
  • No opportunities to reinforce learning through activities or projects

Overall Cost:

  • Individual courses – $20 – $50
  • Monthly subscription – $39.99
  • Annual subscription – $323.88
LinkedIn Logo
LinkedIn Logo

Domestika also has opportunities for networking through its community where interaction between students and instructors is encouraged. However, if you aim to add more qualifications to your resume and rub shoulders with hiring managers, then Linkedin Learning is a better option.

In summary, all these online learning platforms have similarities but Domestika covers a lot of areas that other platforms don’t. It is the cheapest subscription alternative and offers equal, if not better quality content, has world-renowned instructors, and has numerous sales and promotions.

So, Is Domestika Worth It?

Domestika is a great online learning platform if you want to hone your creative skills or pick up a new hobby in arts & crafts.

Also, Lessons are available for all experience levels, with great courses starting at around $10 each. Overall, Domestika is worth it for its high-quality content produced in-house, fun to use user interface, and most affordable subscription plan available.

If you want to take up writing, and photography, or even take your cake designs to the next level, or learn how to knit your dog a sweater, try out Domestika.

fyi, this post isn’t sponsored by domestika


Here you can find the most frequently asked questions about Domestika:

Is there a trial period or free Courses available?

No. Domestika does not offer a free trial. But, there are free courses if you want to check out the platform. The free courses are available for students anytime and can be accessed without signing up or logging in. No payments are needed unless you want to keep the course forever. Some examples of the free courses are Textile Printing Techniques for Beginners, Creating Jewelry with Polymer Cla, and Creative Content Development for Instagram.

Feel free to check out the blogs and follow mini-tutorials shared by professionals.

How many free courses can I take?

You can take as many free courses as you’d like as long as it’s available in that section.

Are there limits to using the free courses?

Yes, you won’t be able to access the community forums to ask questions or interact with other users and you can’t download additional resources. 

Is Domestika Accredited?

Domestika isn’t accredited but it does provide a certificate of attendance upon completion of all your course units.

Are there certificates for all courses?

Yes, certificates of attendance are available for all courses. But do take note that certificates are exclusive to Domestika Pro subscribers.

What is included in the certificate?

Your certificate contains the course you completed signed by your teacher and includes a QR code that links to your course projects. It’s available as a PDF file or a shareable link. A QR code isn’t available for Domestika Basics or if you don’t add the final project to your course. 

What is Domestika’s Refund Policy?

You can request a refund 14 days from the date of purchase. You may also exchange courses within the stipulated 14-day period.

Do these certificates have any value?

Domestika isn’t an accredited institution and the certificates are just for attendance, so no. These certificates are only useful as a personal knowledge ledger.

What do Domestika courses consist of?

A typical course includes a video of the teacher explaining and walking you through the process. Each course has units that you can learn at your own pace. In some courses, you’ll be asked to do a final project to test out what you’ve learned.

What are Domestika Basics?

Domestika Basics are intended to teach the fundamentals of your chosen category. These are targeted at beginners or experienced creative professionals who want to go back to the basics as a refresher. 

How can I be sure of Domestika’s course quality?

Domestika teachers go through a rigorous process before being hired on the platform so you can be assured that only the best and most experienced professionals are teaching you.

To give you an idea of Domestika’s teachers’ backgrounds,  Carles Marsal, the instructor for Introduction to Adobe Photoshop, is a visual artist who studied audiovisuals and graphic design. His magnificent roster of clients includes National Geographic, Mercedes Benz, and Planeta.

Is Domestika available on the App store?

Yes, Domestika is available for both iOS and Android devices in the App store and Google Play Store.

Are there features that aren’t available on the app?

The creation of portfolios can only be done on the website.

Real Reviews from Users

“Domestika offers the best workshops/classes ever. I am addicted to learning, most particularly in the art and creative arenas.
Their videos are extremely professional, and they have the world’s best teachers.
One more thing, their customer service is A+++ and more.
Domestika, you are the best!
Thank you for providing such great and inexpensive entertainment.”

– Diane Chiasson, March 16, 2023, Trust Pilot

“When I hear Domestika I immediately think quality of content, amazing teachers with real-world expertise, and such an impressive (and ever-growing) range of class topics, some of which you cannot find elsewhere!

I’ve paid for specific courses in the past, but as soon as they launched the PLUS subscription I joined for the yearly package. Even though not all courses are free in this subscription, you never know when they become free for a limited time since the PLUS plan seems to rotate courses in becoming free.

Buying specific courses is a bit more expensive, as opposed to having a PLUS plan where an expensive course might become free throughout the year OR you can buy cheaper discounted tokens to exchange for those expensive courses! All in all a WIN for everyone!”

– Razvan U., March 10, 2023, Trust Pilot

Disadvantages of Domestika Based on Reviews 👎

  • Most Courses are in Spanish or Portuguese 

This doesn’t come as a surprise since the platform was founded in Spain. However, it’s a common complaint amongst users because even though there are subtitles, it’s not always accurate. Some users also complained of auto-generated captions that are hard to understand.

  • The App is Different From the Desktop Version

Users reported that while the interface for the website version is great, it’s different from the app. iOS devices are okay but the app was everywhere with the Android version. Some of the prices of the courses were not visible, words and lines were cut off, and there was difficulty in searching specific courses.

  • No Language filters

Currently, there is no way to filter courses by language if you’re using the site on a Desktop but you can do so on the app.

However, there is a section on the website where you can check courses that have audio in English here